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Jill launched herself in to the world of glass flameworking over ten years ago at an intensive workshop at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, NY. Since then she has studied with numerous recognized beadmakers and jewelry designers. Jill finds inspiration from the urban shapes and forms, with a nod to the timeless work of venetian glass artists. Focusing on creating modern wearable jewelry, allowing the colour of the glass to be the star.


Amy's greatest inspiration is colour. An enthusiasm for the material process and a desire to challenge the perception of what is precious and wearable also drive her creativity. Traditional methods contrasted by a non-conformist approach to jewelry design, Amy is deliberate in her choice to work with glass and silver. The result reveals a modern aesthetic that unites a mesmerizing colour palatte, an irreverent sense of humour and detailed craftsmanship. Amy is a graduate of the Sheridan College, Crafts & Design Program, and has been flameworking since 1996. She is a founding partner of TANK Jewelry & Beads in Toronto’s Distillery District. Her award winning jewelry has been showcased in books, magazines and galleries internationally. Amy now creates from her private studio and travels to teach workshops.

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Trained in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Dushka has a degree in Drama, Film and Video. She then went on to pursue a graduate degree in Textile and Jewellery Design. She has been working as a jewellery designer since 1994 and has a studio in Toronto. Dushka jewellery offers a line of contemporary silver and gold work that draws inspiration from complementary worlds of nature, architecture, industrial and textile design. Designing each piece with playfulness that still allows for comfort and elegance, the work is fluid, integrating aesthetics and function, to be worn with flare.


"I function as a bridge between imagination and reality; this is where my art begins. I get my inspiration from nature and the world around me. This is where I continually learn the principles of creativity, balance, and rhythm. I apply them to my work to grasp three essential elements: imagination, beauty, and clarity of forms. Harmony among these elements means strength and purity; and this is what I am looking for, as much in my art as in my life."


Aimée provides a fresh new take on classic themes and designs. She uses her background in fine art (sculpture) and her 10+ years in the graphic design industry to create innovative and wearable jewelry. Each piece is designed and made by hand and explores unusual fabrication and finishing techniques.


Sarah Dobranowski is a graduate from the George Brown College Jewellery Arts Program. Previous to attending George Brown she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Sarah has been exploring the history of lace and it’s context in the history of fashion. Much like jewellery lace was not only used as a decorative element but also as a symbol of prestige and wealth. Lace was transferrable from one article of clothing to another making it’s value transferrable and it could easily transform clothing to follow different styles of fashion. By casting actually pieces of lace and playing with the ideas of texture and pattern Sarah creates modern day lace collars, stomachers and cuffs that explore the relationship between delicate, airy lace and the heavier weight of metal.


Julie Moon is a Toronto based ceramic artist. Julie graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005 and in 2010 successfully completed her MFA at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Prior to attending OCAD, Julie studied fashion technology and spent over a decade working in the garment industry. Julie's love of graphics, pattern and fashion have continuously inspired her creative endeavors. Her pieces, whether sculptural or functional, are formed by hand and carefully painted with detail and precision. Her work is a testament to her love of making and commitment to her craft.


Machine Hand Made. Shawna Tabacznik is an award winning Jewellery designer from Toronto, Canada. Born in Israel and raised in Colombia & Canada, she has completed her Bachelors degree from OCAD University. Her expertise in transforming meaning into Jewellery, alongside her skills as a goldsmith, has allowed her to create unique Jewellery that tell a deep story. Much of Shawna's work represents the transformation of experiences of everyday life into Jewellery Design.


Melody Armstrong graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with Distinction, majoring in Jewellery and Metal in 1999. Working with traditional and non- traditional metals, enamels and stones, Melody’s style is best described as Industrial-Organic. Her design philosophy of organic infused with industrial is demonstrated through a mix of natural shapes and geometric structures, with great attention to detail and quality of workmanship.


An eye for nature ‘Love what you do’ is what I always say! I am one of the lucky few who are able to do that every day. Inspired at every turn I am drawn to natural shapes, clean lines, simple forms and texture. I pay attention to what makes me happy and go from there. The result is a body of work that is beautifully bold and classically simple with a modern and playful twist.


Marina is a Toronto based artist who finds inspiration from shapes, forms and textures that occur in nature and her surroundings. Her work represents a balance of these delicate qualities in everyday functional jewellery. Using both traditional and contemporary metal-forming techniques, she applies technical mastery working the qualities of the material to create timeless, wearable works of art. Marina graduated in 2006 from the Jewellery Arts Program at Toronto’s George Brown College. She studied at the Art Centre of Central Technical School specializing in figurative sculpture and completed a three-year residency at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. She has been honoured with various national and international awards for jewellery design and technical achievements. Currently working out of a collaborative studio STUDIO HUDDLE, she regularly exhibits her jewellery throughout Canada.

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